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HOLA!!! looking for venezuelan stuff!

2007-10-03 23:09:11 by blinder

i would like to know if there are another person from venezuela in NG andd.. say any shit you like!

HOLA!!! looking for venezuelan stuff!


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2008-10-26 02:42:14

I like your concerns about me, and of North American culture and heritage.
I in-fact also enjoy multiply cultures and their roots and their majestic, grand, wise, heritage's. I find your "animated" picture to be quite an amusement.

blinder responds:

houuu AMIGO jajaja.. youre very wise to be so young... i wish that more persons like you were in this world... as i know.. you also know that there are too many idiots.. wat a crap.. hey.. and you let me with the intrigue.. wat the heck is a wach man.. google cant translate that.. well i hope you keep the good thoughts and concern yourself for be a better and wiser person.. i invite you to listen my others audio submisions.. there are veru good ones.. and at last im glad you liked "chema" that is the name of the nature abobination that you see upthere.. talk you...